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Sustainability Transformation Challenge with Meenakshi


Sustainability Transformation Challenge with Meenakshi - 45 Days to Transform into Sustainable Living

We all know the crisis of Climate Emergency and have daily update on the worsening scenario. Most of us wanting to make a change in our own lives first, are stuck at what is known as the ''beginners block'' with the first few steps being the hardest. This course aims to provide you with a step-by-step process to transform yourself from within, under the guidance of Smt. Meenakshi, and, with the support of a cohort of co-travellers / co-learners.

Course Design

Meant for: Younger people, desperate people, they have a lot of information and don’t know what to do.  

Commitment: A commitment of 2 hours per day during the Phase I of the programme, followed by 7 days immersion camp at Puvidham and subsequently a 28 day challenge period.  

Phase - I: Introduction and Orientation

The course will start with a 2 hours (may extend) online session with Meenakshi. The candidates who are willing to further take the challenge, will be invited to move further into the Phase - I of the programme of reading prescribed text and reflecting on them and journaling the same at their own space for at least 2 hours each day. During this time, the course material will be available in the online portal space and more material will be added based on the individual and a specific group of co-travellers that come together for any given batch. 

Phase - II: Immersion Camp at Puvidham

Sharing and reflection on the 5 pillars of Sustainable Living - Philosophical, Psychological, Environmental, Economical, and Physical. A week of their reflections, then have a session for sharing and discussion with Meenakshi and other co-travellers during a 7-days long camp at the Puvidham rural learning space. As Puvidham can accommodate a maximum of only 15 participants, the participation will itself be restricted to only 15 candidates. Between phase - I and phase - II participants are provided flexi-time. 

Phase - III: 28-Day Challenging Oneself

 28-day Adopt 1 life changing habit each day for 28-days and watch ones' commitment and conviction towards making life more sustainable for your life on the planet. The candidates become part of a virtual community that holds each other accountable. The programme will conclude at the end of the 28-days with those who survive and have transformed sharing their stories and transformations. 

Programme Schedule

Schedule:  Next batch will commence in January 2024. 

Fees Structure: The total Course fees is Rs.30,000/-  The registration fees each candidate needs to pay is Rs. 5000/-*. The remaining fees for the course will be Rs. 25,000/- (inclusive of the accommodation, food and faculty fees for 7 days) needs to be paid on completion of the initial course. 

Registration: Please use the link to register for the Introductory Seminar. The Introductory Seminar is free of cost. 

Prior Reading Recommended: My Journey to Sustainable Way of Life - A Personal Note by Meenakshi by way of Introduction to this Course.

*This is a variable fees - on successful completion of the course, the candidates may choose to gift forward half of this registration fees to someone else registering for the course.

Resource Persons

Founder and Director, Puvidham Rural Development Trust, Dharmapuri
Director Samanvaya, Chennai