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Green Economy Overview


The world we live in today is far more fragile, volatile and violent. The sense-making ‘machinery’ of the society is corrupt, crumbling and almost non-existent. There is a rapacious greed pervading lives dictated by short term profits, almost always resulting in death and devastation of tomorrow’s life.

Does Green Economy offer any solution to counter this trend?

It all depends - who is wielding the ‘machinery’ of Green Economy from its nuts and bolts to the newly constructed architecture of meaning, policy implications, investment, implementation, expected outcome from this genie etc.

Currently it is most definitely not coming from the ‘people’s perspective’. The powerful in their ivory towers have stolen the Voice of the people without ever never stepping out of their gilded cocoons, comfort zones. Yet they retain the right to speak on behalf of the People, for the People and the Planet. These power elites come in different shapes and colours, for now they are coloured by Green as it is the coolest currency peddling in the market - hence the term Green Economy.

So where do we, ordinary folks fit in? Do we have a say? Can we take this genie of the Green economy out of the bottle, can we make something of it for the greater good of all sentient life on earth? An inclusive agenda to sustain Life?

It all depends -

Can we ride the rainbow? Do we even know all colours of the rainbow matter? Can we see the frequencies, relevance of the colour spectrum to life? Are we ready to get out of the colour coded imprisonment of foolish naiveté that Green economy will reverse all bad things on this planet; the belief that we will usher a new era of golden industrial age with smart technologies?

To do so -

Means embracing the Brave Earth with all its sense and sense making that has gone on for billions of years. We need to Wake up from the slumber. We need to be able to SEE the rainbow colours. Be able to shake off the slavery of the newest kind - modernity. Be able to courageously ask the right questions, seek the right answers. We might have to retreat to the edge. Let the centre collapse. Survive as if Life Matters. Engage in a dance of Energy and Matter.

Welcome to a not-so-pleasant-shocking ride. I promise you in the end it will be a Worth While Work (a new WWW) you will be grateful for….

The genie in the bottle is made up of three magic potions - the key ingredient of this deep slumber of modern slavery. These three phrases are not mine. It is borrowed from Dr. Gabor Mate - but I take the liberty to use it differently in this context. It is the hypnotic passivity dictated by consumption hunger rooted in the separation of self. The lock-in of the hypnotic passivity with the paradigm of progress has ‘dis-abled’ our wiring so we are unable to question when it is Enough.

Thus the rush is constantly to stretch the ‘outer boundaries of ENOUGH with stuff with no meaning, simply pumping artificial desires, that is addictive, that simply does not offer joy, a sense of purpose.

The Kogi indigenous Indians living in high altitude of the Sierra Nevada where the snow had never melted for thousands of years, told me that little brothers and sisters living down below in the planes are causing pain to mother earth trouble - that is causing the snow in the high altitude to melt….

These courses (being offered through this portal) are meant to help you wake up from that hypnotic passivity that is driving you along the highway of insatiable hunger for consumption driven by progress. Perhaps these courses may give you a nudge, however small, to change the lane, may be choose to walk on an untrodden path, that may actually re-ignite passion that you never realised is buried deep inside you. Maybe it will help you dance in the rain, watch the sunset, and awaken the intelligence that can guide you with solutions that may actually be far simpler than you ever thought.

This course is not being offered by an economist, climate scientists or a politician. It is coming from a rebel voice, seeking simple practical do-able solution to survive with sanity and compassion in this crazy world, living as if LIFE truly Matters.

Nirmala Nair