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Did you hear any big Alarms on Food lately?


Have you read any front page news headlines that inform you to please shift your staple food from rice and wheat to other grains recently? 


adivasi will not dance, indigenous people, tribes of india, development crisis, jharkhand

Adivasi Will Not Dance - Book Review

The Adivasi will not dance by Handsa Sowvendra Shekhar is one of the most disturbing books I have read this year - 8 yrs after it was released and has won awards a


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Land Changing...

I should confess I was not aware of this book until it was suggested by the book seller in the stall in Bangaluru when I was buying couple of other books last month.



Green Economy Overview

The world we live in today is far more fragile, volatile and violent. The sense-making ‘machinery’ of the society is corrupt, crumbling and almost non-existent.