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Research Ideas


We believe that there are several areas of short and long term impact research not done in the Indian context due to lack of framing the right question and / or ecosystem not being favourable for the same. In this blog we periodically will share some ideas and thoughts on areas of research. Do please write to us for further information or if you want to pursue any of these as an independent study / research as well. 


Research Ideas: Impact of Geo-Tagging Products

Research Idea proposal date: 10/05/2024

Proposed by: Ram, Director, Samanvaya

Estimated Duration: 3 months

Research For: Under Graduate students

Required Work: Desktop research, interviews with practitioners, federations, retail procurement people and end consumers. 

Research Question: Has the geo-tagging actually helped with enhancing the revenue for the craftsperson? If so, by what amount? What are the commercial advantages that are derived by the geo-tagging in comparison with the non geo-tagged persons practicing the same vocation?  What are the challenges faced by the crafts personnel in getting geo-tagging based advantages? What do the procurement people for large retail chains look for with the geo-tagged products? Who benefits most? Does the consumer segment care? 

 The Green Question: What has been the impact on the environment due to the geo-tagging of the products? Has it ensured that there is a better appreciation of local resources, knowledge, culture and traditions? 

Scope: Depending on the time available, this short term research can be restricted to a district, product, single State or the entire country. 

Output: Can be a short report. 

Outcome: The research will answer the question on how much and in what manner geo-tagging benefits the communities that practice the traditional knowledge or land that produces something unique and very local.