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Worming my Way - Book Review



 The second book by one of the Council of Elders for the Green Economy website was launched by the publisher last Sunday in Chennai. Earlier this year we had the launch of the Smarter Planet or Wiser Earth by Gray Cox as well. We have also had the book release of one of our resource persons, Dr. Sumanas Koulagi, the book Development as Swaraj has received critical acclaim already.

So, when Dr. Sultan Ahmed Ismail had asked to mark the date of the launch of a special book, I was thinking of a biography. He is such an accomplished academician, mentor and guide and in the past few years as a policy maker is playing a pivotal role in several important decisions of the state government, a biography would be a fitting finale to his career (like many of his colleagues in the organic farming movement, he keeps talking about retiring since years now, but, it is impossible to think of him not being actively involved at some level). 

But the book is more than that, being a teacher, he  has decided to convert his life into a curriculum of nuggets of learning experiences, drawing from his life successes and failures and showing how being a great teacher comes from being a great learner in the first place. Every page is filled with lessons and insights that can fascinate and inspire youngsters and elders alike.