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MR. Dilip Srinivasan

Mr.Dilip Srinivasan
Social Entrepreneur, Chennai

An Entrepreneur working on multiple streams of interests placing forward ethical models in each of the ventures which enables more inclusive and community oriented livelihoods. In the market of Huge numbers and valuations, a common man who believes in values and relationships. An active volunteer in the social initiatives of Climate change, Social Equality and Justice. A Wannabe Listener!



Programme Offered

Designed for Post-Graduate students and individual entrepreneurs. The course spread over 4 weeks is offered as a hybrid programme with weekend online classes and completing with a bootcamp of 4 days. Currently the programme is being offered in Madras School of Social Work (MSSW), Chennai. This course at MSSW is being offered to the students pursuing their Masters programme on Social Entrepreneurship. The focus is on nurturing their own green enterprise idea.