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Rev. Sara Wolcott

Founder – Director, Sequoia Samanvaya, California, USA

Rev. Sara Jolena Wolcott teaches, guides, and supports people and institutions in navigating the intersections of climate change, de/colonization, innovation and legacy. After obtaining her MA in Science, Technology and Society at the Institute of Development Studies in the UK and launching the ReImagining Development project that synthesized research from 33 countries, she was invited to work with the World Bank in Chennai, India. Working in India taught her that climate change was not merely a technological and policy issue, but a deeply spiritual/cultural one. She subsequently obtained her Masters of Divinity at Union Theological Seminary in the city of New York, and works with indigenous communities, investors, entrepreneurs, and creative change makers internationally to support new systems arising. She launched and runs Sequoia Samanvaya, based out of her home in Hudson, NY, alongside the River that Runs Both Ways, aka the Hudson River. She is on the board of Alternatives for a Viable Future and regularly finds ways of supporting Samanvaya.

Programme Offered

The course provides an orientation and introduction to the Green Economy in the Indian context.  It borrows a lot from the works and existing models of traditional institutional knowledge and practices, the Gandhian Economist JC Kumarappa and also from currently prevalent diverse Indian organizational practices. Designed and offered as a stand-alone hybrid programme consisting of 8 online interactive sessions and an optional weeklong bootcamp.

This course was initially designed and offered  in the international township of Auroville The course was offered at the Bhoomi College between Sept - Nov 2023 and a year-end retreat for the participants happened during Dec 2023-Jan2024. 

Currently the course is being offered as an online programme Feb - Mar 2024 followed by an in-person bootcamp.