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Mr. Ananthoo

Mr. Ananthoo
Founder, Tula, Chennai

He is now focusing on earning his living by his own physical labour. Deeply influenced by Tolstoy and Gandhi and convinced that everything except labour is indirect exploitation, Balaji has chosen to make handmade soaps to make a living! He used to own and manage an IT company earlier and has launched and hived off several farm produce based companies.

Programme Offered

The course provides an orientation and introduction to the Green Economy in the Indian context.  Designed and offered as a stand-alone hybrid programme consisting of 8 online interactive sessions and a weeklong bootcamp. This course was initially designed and offered  in the international township of Auroville The course is offered at the Bhoomi College in 2023. The schedule of the course at Bhoomi College with the boot camp being held at the Bhoomi College campus is provided below.

Registrations are open for the Sept-end commencement cohort of the programme at the Bhoomi College in Bangaluru.

Please register using the QR code.bhoomi-registration-link

Designed for Post-Graduate students and individual entrepreneurs. The course spread over 4 weeks is offered as a hybrid programme with weekend online classes and completing with a bootcamp of 4 days. Currently the programme is being offered in Madras School of Social Work (MSSW), Chennai. This course at MSSW is being offered to the students pursuing their Masters programme on Social Entrepreneurship. The focus is on nurturing their own green enterprise idea.