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Mr. Baskar Manimegalai

Director, Nammalvar Multiversity
Director, Nammalvar Multiversity

He is a co-traveller and founder of several new pathways to knowledge and free intellect. He will be providing several innovative programmes.

He is a thinker accessible to everyone as free intellectual in Tamil Nadu today. He is popular among teachers, academics, students, and parents to expand the horizon of school education for over a decade. He especially concentrates on democratisation of education, student teacher relationship, gender appreciation and mentoring educationists. He is also sought by policy makers and as a trainer by Education and Rural Development Departments.



Programme Offered

Designed as a Certificate Course for 10 lectures followed by a bootcamp. Offered as part of the Post-Graduate Degree.

Designed for Post-Graduate students and individual entrepreneurs. The course spread over 4 weeks is offered as a hybrid programme with weekend online classes and completing with a bootcamp of 4 days. Currently the programme is being offered in Madras School of Social Work (MSSW), Chennai. This course at MSSW is being offered to the students pursuing their Masters programme on Social Entrepreneurship. The focus is on nurturing their own green enterprise idea. 

A 10-day intensive in-person camp with one prior online class. The immersive bootcamp is meant to facilitate the transition of existing entrepreneurs into a green entrepreneurship. It brings together a cohort similar ‘’in transit’’ entrepreneurs and facilitates through exercises and interactive sessions.