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Green Economy India is a futuristic venture of Samanvaya, Chennai. In the light of the Climate Emergency that rings the doorbell daily the world is inundated with ideas, concepts and practices as future knowledge for survival and sustainability. 

Samanvaya has been leading co-development and delivery of innovative, novel, and futuristic courses for emerging needs since over two decades to civil society, government, academia, and corporate organizations. Utilizing the experience and insights, Samanvaya has designed Green Economy Courses for diverse audiences with different sets of programmes and practices. The courses have been offered through partner organizations, including the Sustainable Livelihood Institute (SLI), Auroville, Madras School of Social Work (MSSW), Chennai, Bhoomi College, Bengaluru and as visiting faculty in the College of Atlantic (CoA), Maine, USA.

It has also constituted a voluntary research and advocacy team that will further the green agenda in Indian conditions with serious research on diverse subjects.

In December 2021, Samanvaya conceptualized and co-organized the National Seminar on Green Economy in Chennai along with the MSSW.


These courses aim to provide an orientation and framework for those interested in building green economy in the Indian context primarily and utilizing the tools, practices and knowledge that has emerged from across the world, but, primarily from Indian background. It aims to equip candidates with customized transitional plans to design and move towards a green economy building.

Designed as a Certificate Course for 10 lectures followed by a bootcamp. Offered as part of the Post-Graduate Degree.
The course provides an orientation and introduction to the Green Economy in the Indian context.  It borrows a lot from the works and existing models of traditional institutional knowledge and practices, the Gandhian Economist JC Kumarappa and also from currently prevalent diverse Indian organizational practices. Designed and offered as a stand-alone hybrid programme consisting of 8 online interactive sessions and an optional weeklong bootcamp.

This course was initially designed and offered  in the international township of Auroville The course was offered at the Bhoomi College…
Designed for Post-Graduate students and individual entrepreneurs. The course spread over 4 weeks is offered as a hybrid programme with weekend online classes and completing with a bootcamp of 4 days. Currently the programme is being offered in Madras School of Social Work (MSSW), Chennai. This course at MSSW is being offered to the students pursuing their Masters programme on Social Entrepreneurship. The focus is on nurturing their own green enterprise idea. 
A 10-day intensive in-person camp with one prior online class. The immersive bootcamp is meant to facilitate the transition of existing entrepreneurs into a green entrepreneurship. It brings together a cohort similar ‘’in transit’’ entrepreneurs and facilitates through exercises and interactive sessions.
Sustainability Transformation Challenge with Meenakshi - 45 Days to Transform into Sustainable Living

We all know the crisis of Climate Emergency and have daily update on the worsening scenario. Most of us wanting to make a change in our own lives first, are stuck at what is known as the ''beginners block'' with the first few steps being the hardest. This course aims to provide you with a step-by-step process to transform yourself from within, under the guidance of Smt. Meenakshi, and, with the support of a cohort of co-travellers / co-learners.
Critical Perspective on Green Economy:  This course is designed to explore Green Economy (GE) from a critical perspective. The course is structured as short classes thoughtfully put together drawing insights from a wide-ranging field, as well as synthesizing some of the complicated information for easy grasp without being a technical expert.  
This course is being offered to the students of under graduate programme at the Collage of Atlantic in Bar Harbour in the Fall 2023. 

In critically examining existing global economic models, we will use case studies from India that draw on the lens of Gandhian Economics and ways to remake society through green entrepreneurship. We will focus on ideas that bring ethics to the forefront of the enterprise creation process, drawing, especially, on ideas of J. C. Kumarappa. We will look closely at ways in past societies, cultural ethos guided enterprise and how there is a need to re-create…


Samanvaya is honoured to have an inspiring Council of Elders who have inspired our work and will provide guidance and help us think through our offerings. All of them have been a source of strength and inspiration in various ways.
Ecologist, Teacher, Member, State Planning Commission, Tamil Nadu
Environmentalist, Writer, Thinker, Goa
Thinker, Writer, Teacher, Delhi
Traditional Knowledge Scholar, Grassroot Activist, Writer, Hyderabad
Philosopher, Musician, Teacher, Maine

Resource Persons

The previous programmes of Green Economy and Enterprises have had participation of resource persons from a cross section of society. Practitioners, Entrepreneurs, Academics, Activists from diverse backgrounds have been part of these courses.
Director Samanvaya, Chennai
Director, Nammalvar Multiversity
Founder, Tula, Chennai
Social Entrepreneur, Sirgazhi
Founder – Director, Sequoia Samanvaya, California, USA
Manjappai Foundation, Madurai
Freelancer, Auroville
Founder, School of Practical Sustainability, Cape Town
Social Entrepreneur, Chennai
Founder and Director, Puvidham Rural Development Trust, Dharmapuri
Samarpanam Farmer’s Market, Pondicherry


We see a marked difference in the orientation of the students after this course. It is heartening that many of them who had not opted to work with conservation related civil society organisations or launch their own green enterprises at the end of the course
– Faculty of a College.
This course and bootcamp had deepened our understanding of the Social Entrepreneurship programme itself. We recommend to our college that this course be offered in the first semester of the post-Graduate programme so that the students gain better meaning of the course in advance
– Post-Graduate student at the end of the Bootcamp.
I was waiting for something like this and when I heard that such a course was being offered, I definitely wanted to enrol.
– American student


Bringing practitoners, models, insights, experiences and ideas on green economy together